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We are dedicated to creating cozy, comfortable and inviting spaces in which our clients long to linger.

Welcome To

The Festooned Farmhouse

Hi! I'm Nancy Eike.

My husband and I have built eight houses. We lived in too-many-to-count rental properties while building said houses, and I have spent untold hours dreaming, ideating, and ruminating on how to make every one of those spaces feel cozy, comfortable, and inviting. I adore vintage/upcycled pieces with stories to tell, mixed with new/interesting bits and bobs. I love the farmhouse aesthetic with its utilitarian attitude. It pulls forth delightful memories of spending warm summer weeks at my grandparents' farm, where the whap of a screen door, the lowing of cows, and the smell of freshly baked peach pies filled youthful days.

We even built a modern white farmhouse (our eighth and final house) because I so love the design. But I'm also crazy for cottagecore with its warm and welcoming appeal and the je-ne-sais-quoi of French country decor.

I have spent many years building and decorating homes for families. Recently, I built a small barn/office on our property—okay, I helped my husband build a small barn/office—where I pore through design magazines and create design briefs and storyboards for my clients. This is also where my dog, Lucy, momentarily lounges when she's not begging for treats.

How can I help bring your style home?